Getting Approval from your Boss

The text below can be pasted into an email and customized for your request to management to attend the conference.

TalentBlend is the only event that offers professional development and networking opportunities for talent acquisition operations staff like me. At the conference, I will learn program management skills and innovative ideas that we can apply to our own recruiting programs to make them more effective. I would appreciate your approval to attend this conference.

The event takes place on April  27 – 28  in Washington D.C., at the Embassy Suites At The Chevy Chase Pavilion.

TalentBlend offers not only applicable breakout sessions and notable speakers in talent acquisition operations, but it also provides me with the opportunity to network with others in the industry and meet with different vendors to learn about services and products first-hand. I believe that, based on what I learn at this conference, I could bring real value to our organization and offer solutions to many of the problems we face.

Here are the breakout sessions and keynote events I would attend that would have a significant impact on my professional development. ____,  ____,  _____. If you’d like to see the full schedule, take a look at this website: <link here>

The cost to attend TalentBlend is approximately the following:

Air fare:_______________

Hotel: ________________

Registration Fee: _________

There might also be some miscellaneous costs, such as taxi fare and meals.

What I learn at this conference can help our organization successfully manage our recruiting programs.  To demonstrate that TalentBlend will provide a good return on investment, I’ll write a detailed report after the conference with recommendations that I think would be most useful for our team.

Thank you for considering my request. Your approval would be much appreciated.

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